Motivations to Build a Community on Discord Servers

Discord, available on Discord Web and Discord App, featuring more than 250 million users, stands as a highly favored platform for online communication among gamers. Discord servers enable conversations between friends through voice, video, or text, as well as empowering participation in servers where extensive communities converge.

How to Get Started with Discord Servers

Entering the world of Discord is simple. Whether you prefer to access it via Discord browser (Discord web), or by downloading the free Discord app. Discord is compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. Once you’re in, you can connect to a Discord server in various ways: by searching for your desired server, accepting an invitation, or starting your very own server. Within a server, you’ll find channels that members utilize for their communication needs. it’s worth noting that Discord’s video chat feature positions it as a compelling alternative to Zoom Meetings.

On the left sidebar, you’ll find servers and their corresponding channels, while the list of members in a server is displayed on the right-hand side. At the top, or at the bottom when using a mobile device, you can perform actions such as inserting and messaging friends, searching for servers, and checking if you’ve been mentioned in a conversation. In case you’re using Discord for free, you can join up to 100 servers, and extend this limit to 200 for paid users.

Furthermore, Discord offers the flexibility to modify server notifications and assign users exclusive nicknames for each server you’re a part of. It’s also possible to invite friends you’ve added from one server to another, even if they aren’t members of the same server, allowing for harmonious communication.

A single server can host up to 500,000 members, although this number starts at 250,000 for new servers. Nevertheless, should a server have more than 25,000 concurrent online users, the owner must reach out to Discord support to expand server capacity and avoid connection issues. Additionally, servers have a limit of 50 categories and 500 channels.

4 Discord Community Built Features

Here are some distinctive elements you can use to establish diverse online communities on Discord and enhance business development:

AI-Enhanced Bots:

Discord bots represent a highly valuable feature, enabling you to carry out a diverse range of automated tasks within your server. For example, you can engage the MEE6 bot to greet first-time members or assign them specific roles. These AI-powered bots assist effortless user experiences customization, efficient member interactions, and community rules and guidelines enforcement.

Tailored Welcome Screens:

Within the Discord community server, you have the capability to configure personalized welcome screens, providing a welcoming and informative introduction to your community. This helps orient visitors and ensures they can navigate through your channels without confusion.

Announcement Channels:

Unlike conventional text channels, Announcement Channels offer a means to broadcast your messages beyond your server’s confines. The inclusion of a “Follow” button enables server members to integrate the channel with their own personal servers.

Community Discovery:

By establishing your community directly within Discord’s server discovery, you enhance its visibility to your target audience and customer base. This eliminates the need to promote your community on various platforms to attract users.

Discord serves as a platform that links you to numerous online communities. Through Discord, you can effectively promote your products and services, increasing brand recognition. Moreover, a significant benefit of utilizing Discord is the potential to grow your customer base by drawing in a larger audience to your exclusive branded Discord community.

Motivations to build your brand’s community on Discord:

Let’s explore some motivations for creating a branded community on Discord.

Manage Role Assignments in Your Community

Discord offers an array of customization features, with one of the standout options being the ability to exercise control over who becomes part of your community. You have the freedom to categorize and allocate roles to members according to your preferences. Targeted members can be added through personalized invitations, emails, text messages, or clickable website links.

Create Exclusive Groups for Active Members:

Discord empowers you to establish numerous subsections within your community server, enabling you the ability to configure various text and voice channels. Furthermore, access is regulated through role allocations, determined by whether one is an owner, administrator, moderator, or member. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to craft distinct categories for your dedicated users, support staff, and more. These varied tiers and member categories enhance the efficient management of engaged participants and facilitate seamless communication across multiple channels.

Provide Real Benefits to Your Users and Boost Growth:

As customers become more discerning, it’s essential to craft strategies that provide them with meaningful returns on their investments. The cornerstone of a Discord-based community lies in delivering genuine value to its members, achieved through the provision of exclusive discounts and promotions exclusively for community participants. You can inaugurate your Discord community by crafting special offers and packages designed to pique interest and establish the foundation for a vibrant and engaged community.

Enhance Customer Experience Through Exceptional Customer Support:

Discord offers the capability to provide outstanding customer support by engaging with your members directly through private chats to address their inquiries and concerns. Utilizing Discord to resolve customer questions fosters a positive and nurturing community ambiance, promoting customer loyalty and keeping both current and prospective users actively engaged.

Loaded with distinctive, modifiable, and versatile features, Discord servers represent an excellent tool for brand promotion and the amplification of brand recognition. An engaged community serves as the magnet attracting more users, precisely what a Discord-based community pledges to provide.

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