Discord Growth Strategy for Your First 1000 Members

This blog post is a simple guideline for community managers to reach their first 1,000 members on Discord. To do so, a Discord growth strategy is mandatory. The most effective approach to expand your Discord server involves maintaining a cohesive brand identity with your Discord branding, conducting preliminary outreach before the launch, strategizing your content, and frequently organizing giveaways to generate excitement within your community.

Start gathering first group to join your Discord channel

The initial members who join will establish the atmosphere and culture in your community server prior to its public launch. It’s crucial to be discerning in selecting individuals who align with your community’s values and communication style. Once this initial group is established, you can gather feedback, monitor community dynamics, and make any necessary adjustments before expanding your community further.

Create your own Discord branding

Creating a distinct identity for your brand community is crucial, as the initial impression carries significant weight. Next, we will delve into four essential elements that play a pivotal role in shaping your community’s brand: its name, descriptions, icon, and custom emotes.

Community name

Pick the name that best showcases your community branding. It should be short, relevant to your group vibe and memorable.


Picture yourself attempting to convey your community’s purposes in a concise paragraph. This serves as your server description. Ensure that you regularly revise this server description to accurately reflect the qualities and objectives of your community.


Your avatar, also known as your profile image, plays a pivotal role in defining your Discord server. Craft your distinctive brand identity in the form of an image or GIF to effectively represent your community.


In the non-face-to-face digital world, using emotes is an effective way to express your emotions or excitement with other online community members. Choose a set of emotes that would be best for your community to get more engagements.

Create a system to onboard new members effectively

Making the onboarding process simple and smooth for new members when they join your server is vital for a first impression. Some key channels you should consider to have in your servers including:

  • Rules
  • Verify account authentication
  • Welcoming new members (with customize messages)
  • Roles Assignments (bots can be a helpful tool)
  • Navigate channels with new comers’ interests

Engage your audiences with relevant discussions

In your role as a community manager, beyond sharing valuable content with your members, fostering and sustaining a positive and constructive discussion atmosphere is essential for engaging your community and facilitating its growth.

Spice up the server with activities

There are many forms of activities for engagement such as:

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Doing quests to get reward
  • Quiz game
  • Voting
  • Community content generation

Convert your best contributors as your core community moderators

As you oversee your community server, you’ll notice a handful of individuals consistently contributing valuable content. Recognize these community members who share your understanding of the brand community and possess a creative approach. Consider appointing them as your community moderators, as they can provide valuable support for the community’s expansion.

Collaborate with strategic partners

You can’t achieve growth in isolation. Take a strategic approach by connecting with community owners who share relevance with your community identity. This way, you can mutually exchange value and connect members across different servers.

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Thoughtfully select keywords for your server’s description and name that effectively represent your community identity. Leveraging digital marketing tools like keyword planners and website optimization can aid in improving the ranking of both your website and Discord community server.

Establishing and nurturing a brand community is a time-consuming endeavor that demands significant attention and dedication. As a community manager, you can expand your community by employing strategies, tools, and effective communication.

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