Global Online Conference Web3 Tokyo 2023

Web3 Tokyo is an annual online event tailored for professionals operating within the dynamic landscape of web3. We extend invitations to web3 companies worldwide and representatives from Japanese government. The objective of Web3 Tokyo event is to facilitate an open and insightful discussion on emerging trends, aligning with the developments that transpired in the year 2023.

International businesses seeking to expand their presences in Japanese market are encouraged to engage with Shibuya Government startup ecosystem. This initiative aims to bridge the gaps and enhance the relationships among stakeholders in Web3 market, both regionally and globally. Shibuya City Administration is currently in the process of submitting an application to Cabinet Office with the aim of attaining designation as a specialized deregulation zone for Web3 technologies. Particularly, Start-up Support Program provides visas and residency support for startups, helps to match startups with big enterprises and do market research. Furthermore, Web3 Tokyo will feature the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, providing a platform for discussions on Web3 policy matters.

Media coverage has spotlighted recent developments in the Japanese financial regulatory, as well as news pertaining to stable coins and tokenization within the cryptocurrency market. The primary goal of Web3 Tokyo is to bring together a diverse array of sectors, including government, academia, web3 corporations, prominent businesses, consulting firms, influencers, communities, and the general public. These efforts have persisted despite the language barrier that exists between Japan and English-speaking countries.

Last year, over 1,700 individuals completed pre-registration to attend the conference, attracting participants not only from Japan but also from 20 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands. If you didn’t make it to Web3 Tokyo Conference 2022, or want to be updated with the newest information, register to participate in this online conference with us in 2023!

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